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MUSIKAGILEAK is a non-profit association which aims at developing and promoting Basque music from all epochs with a particular emphasis on contemporary creation. In order to achieve the general goals defined in its rules, MUSIKAGILEAK promotes activities such as concerts, competitions, workshops, panel discussions, publications and has established agreements with Basque institutions and musical agents. MUSIKAGILEAK is a member of ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) and EHMBE (Basque Country Music Office).

Among its large scale activities, MUSIKAGILEAK currently offers an annual Festival of Contemporary Music with concerts resorting to a wide range of creative and instrumental ressources. It regularly collaborates with the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra and the Basque National Orchestra to organize concerts with works by the associated composers. MUSIKAGILEAK also works closely with other local festivals like Smash (Donostia), Bernaola (Gasteiz), Quincena Musical (Donostia), Musikaste (Errenteria). It promotes its educational activities with workshops and seminars, in collaboration with Musikene as well, and has developed teaching actions around José María Usandizaga besides San Sebastian DSS2016 European Capital of Culture. It has established an agreement with the Etxepare Institute that has allowed it to extend its goals on an international level, working with musicians and festivals from other countries. But above all, MUSIKAGILEAK has become a privileged interlocutor of great visibility for many different institutions.



Chairman: Javier Quislant García

Vice chairman: Helga Arias Parra

Treasurer: Gabriel Erkoreka Graña

Secretary: Jagoba Astiazaran Korta

Chair: Ramon Lazkano Ortega

Chair: Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena




X Circuito Musikagileak: Mario Prisuelos en el Conservatorio de Bilbao

La música para piano tendrá su espacio específico dentro del X Circuito Musikagileak gracias a la presencia de Mario Prisuelos, uno de los pianistas españoles más activos en la defensa del nuevo repertorio para el instrumento. Su recital, que tendrá lugar el miércoles 23 de octubre a las 19:30h en el Auditorio del Conservatorio Arriaga de Bilbao, dará un repaso a páginas pianísticas recientes de Teresa Catalán, Rebecca Saunders, Karlheinz Stockhausen y Aurélio Edler-Copes. Prisuelos estreno de "Moiras" de Brais Nóvoa Loira.


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